Corporate social responsibility

CSR (corporate social responsibility) has always been at the heart of our concerns. We prioritize social, environmental and ethical issues in all our business sectors.

ethics, an "ABSOLUte "

Our Code of Ethics puts integrity front and center. From this foundation, we develop trust-based relationships with our employees, clients, shareholders and communities. 

Our Code of Ethics details the rules, principles and values that inform everything we do.

It consists of four core principles:

  • To rigorously uphold our Code of Ethics
  • To conduct ourselves with transparency, honesty and fairness
  • To abide by the laws and regulations of the countries in which we operate
  • To fight corruption and bribery

Trust is a prerequisite to any healthy business relationship. We are committed to protecting the confidentiality of our client companies, including but not limited to their business and personal information

. In the same manner, we respect local and international ethics guidelines as representative of our professional standard.

Our Code of Ethics evolves to keep pace with changing legislative and regulatory standards. 
View the latest version here

Guaranteeing gender equality at all levels on a daily basis

We make gender equality a pillar of our human resources policy.

Diversity and inclusion are part of our fundamental principles. That is why we have signed an agreement to ensure equal treatment between men and women throughout their professional careers. We have undertaken, among other things, to ensure the same conditions of development between employees, and to eliminate any unjustified pay gap between women and men.

We are committed on the professional level and on the personal level. We are proud to operate nearby associations committed in the struggle for gender equality.

women of africa


We have been proud partners of the Women of Africa association since 2017. The organization helps and supports women, young and children to become responsible and independent through diverse development programs and encourage the exchanges between the Africa continent areas.

In 2019, Bureau Veritas aims to strengthen the presence of women in managerial positions through a mentoring program in partnership with Women In Africa.



Our employees proudly serve the general interest by helping to reduce risks and contributing to make the world safer. Bureau Veritas wants to promote this commitment among younger generations who wish to join us and are looking for meaningful careers. We are committed to creating opportunities for skills building, personal development and mobility throughout our employees’ careers, as well as encouraging their ability to innovate.


We owe our African culture to our local teams. As experts in their countries at all levels, they enable us every day to develop our knowledge and vision of the African continent and each of the countries in which we operate.


Our commitment to health and safety starts from within.

Health and safety are central to our business—and imperative to our culture. For Bureau Veritas, safety is a non-negotiable priority, without which we could not continue.

Training our teams

Training is a basis of our human resources politic. We propose and encourage to all employees to follow a training course adapted to his profession and daily needs.

We also support education and training of African populations in the 45 countries where we are located.


People are different but we want them to work together and respect their differences. The Group actively encourages an inclusive environment in which all forms of diversity are seen as an added value and in which everyone feels respected, safe to be himself/herself and express their own ideas.


Our goal is to foster a culture where discrimination is not tolerated. All employees are prohibited from any kind of discrimination on the basis of age, gender, disability, nationality, ethnic origin, as well as political and religious affiliation. Diversity is encouraged in all levels of our organization and perceived as a source of enrichment and progress.


Chaine des foyers Saint-Nicodeme Cameroon

The association supports young people and children in need, with a view to their social and family reintegration, by providing them with support, education and training throughout their development. For several years now, we have been providing financial support and also participate in sharing days, charity evenings and various events organized for the benefit of children.


Ithemba Trust - South Africa

The organization works daily to develop, treat and intellectually rehabilitate students with motor and intellectual disabilities. It also supports gender equality both professionally and personally. Partner of the association since June 2018, we regularly meet young people and women to provide them with encouragement and support.

csr values

We deliver more through a culture of trust where people can be themselves and difference is valued

Yoan BALLEHuman Resources Manager

Our commitment in sustainable development

Contribute to sustainable development in Africa

When environmental sustainability meets improved performance, it’s a win-win.

The environmental challenges faced today need smart, viable solutions. And as we expand our global presence, it’s vital that our growth is sustainable. Our environmental policy aims at preventing pollution, minimizing energy consumption and waste.

Our “Lean Management” initiative introduced an ongoing performance improvement approach with an emphasis on reducing our carbon footprint by optimizing travel, lessening the use of consumables in our offices and laboratories, and providing ways to reduce the amount of waste.

Close to our clients, we take care to provide services which we think optimize sustainable energies at all project levels.