knowledge acquisition

and maintenance

Human resources, a key factor in the development of your organization

Mastering the theory but above all being operational quickly are the main assets of your teams in order to ensure the activity of your organization and the development of your structure.

We have developed innovative training techniques, including e-learning, blended learning (a combination of traditional and e-learning), virtual or augmented reality.


  • Regulatory training

  • Para-Regulatory Training

  • Technical training

  • Health and safety awareness

Solutions adapted for you,

  • From micro-businesses to the largest multinationals, we adapt our solutions to the specific needs of your organization
  • Inter, intra-company or e-learning, we offer a variety of training materials adapted to your teams

Train your employees to enable them to have the necessary authorizations and business skills to perform their duties: electrical authorization training, first aid (SST), gestures and postures (GP and PRAP), asbestos risk in subsection 4, fire risk (handling of fire extinguishers, evacuation, guide and greenhouse line, SSIAP)...

Train your managers and HSE manager to equip them with the tools and skills necessary to carry out their responsibilities and manage their teams, ...


  • A network of expert trainers nearby
  • Adapted and interactive training materials for optimal learning
  • A complete digitisation of administrative procedures facilitating the delivery of deliverables at the end of training sessions


  • An optimized training plan for the development of your company
  • Efficient training to achieve and maintain the company's security objectives
  • Solutions tailored to the context of your activity and adapted to your teams
  • Motivated and operational employees in their various missions
  • A maximized Occupational Health and Safety plan with optimized costs (direct and indirect costs)
  • Simplified administrative management